Streamlined Solutions Professional Organizing

Streamlined Solutions

Streamlined Solutions Professional Organizing

Debby Lea

A specialist in de-cluttering and developing practical organizing systems, tailored to your personality and lifestyle, in your home or office.

phone: 604-376-3658

Banish clutter and chaos, and welcome calm and control, in your life, home, or office.

  • Declutter and custom-organize your space
  • Streamline your tasks
  • Establish simple, easy-to-implement solutions that work for your personality, your family, your lifestyle, your goals
  • Reduce your stress and gain more time for your priorities at home and at work

Debby Lea was among the first Organizers in Canada to successfully complete the Trained Professional Organizer Program, and is the only Qualified Chronic Disorganization Specialist, AD/HD Specialist, and Hoarding Specialist in BC.

What Does This Mean to You?
Debby is an experienced, highly qualified Organizer, who has extensive resources to share with you.